Top tips to make blood glucose testing easier

Blood glucose testing is an integral part of making sure that our diabetes is under control. Blood glucose or sugar levels helps to identify patterns. This will help identify what is causing the blood glucose or sugar to go high. Furthermore, blood glucose or sugar can help by demonstrating if diabetes medications are working or not. And if the dose of medication needs adjusting.

Below are some of the tips which can help make blood glucose or sugar monitoring easier:

+ Wash the hands with water and soup.

+ Make sure that hands are dry.

+ Avoid using alcohol wipes.

+ Try using fresh lancet every time. The more the lancet is used the more it will hurt.

+ Set the lancet to a shortest possible depth to get enough blood required by the blood glucose metre. Shorter the depth, less painful it is and less tissue damage.

+ Avoid using thumb and index finger. As they are used more for daily function.

+ Spread the sites – avoid using same fingers.

+ Avoid centre area of the fingers.

Use the side of the fingers.

+ After pricking, either milk the finger or hang your fingers to let gravity help in getting enough blood for blood glucose testing.

Picture by Image by stanias from Pixabay

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