Travel and Insulin

There are lot of things to plan when taking a trip. Patients with diabetes taking Insulin should be able to enjoy their trip without any problem. However, this could only happen if things are planned well in advance.

If you are not sure, it is important to liaise with your doctor well in advance of the trip.

It is important to make sure following things are covered:

  • Make sure to take enough supplies. This includes, Insulin, tablets, needles, pens and syringe.

  • Letter from your doctor detailing the need of your medication.

  • Blood glucose monitors

  • Hypoglycemia treatment (e.g. glucose tablets)

  • Sharp disposal box

It is also important to plan what food and meals will be available. During travel, it might be a good idea to keep more closer eye on the blood glucose (check more often).

Storing Insulin at the right temperature is important. If the weather at your destination is hot then keep the Insulin in a cool place. Avoid exposure of direct sunlight. If the weather at your destination is freezing cold then it is important to make sure that Insulin does not freeze.

Always put and store Insulin in hand luggage. Keeping Insulin in the hold of the plane will freeze the Insulin causing it to lose its effectiveness.

It is important to make sure to cover yourself with right vaccination and travel insurance.

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